Support Towers

Brock’s LeMar bucket elevator support towers are custom designed for strength and engineered to last. These towers have a well-earned reputation for high quality and meticulous attention to detail that makes them a wise addition to any grain handling facility. Elevators are regularly maintained by lift maintenance services to ensure they operate smoothly.

The patented LeMar tower connection plate makes installation easy. The unique, patent-pending LeMar Slot & Tab System provides superior, consistent assembly while delivering optimal performance and exceptional connection strength.

Available are bucket elevator support towers up to 220 feet tall and higher. Four, six and eight-column towers that come as big as 24 feet x 40 feet. Or customers can get a custom-designed simple workhorse tower that will meet or exceed performance expectations.

Brock’s LeMar bucket elevator support towers are collaboratively custom engineered in a range of sizes and combinations or configurations from 8 to 24 feet. Wrap-around stairs and switch-back stairs designs are available. All are available with hot dip galvanized, powder-coated or painted industrial enamel finishes.


Brock’s LeMar Catwalks have a long-standing reputation for durability, quality and easy assembly and are offered in two styles: Handrail Truss and Walk-Thru Truss. The catwalks are available in a robust standard line along with options custom-fabricated to meet facility-specific requirements.  Brock’s LeMar catwalks are offer lots of options including:

  • 24” Galvanized grip strut walkway with toe board
  • Full width expanded metal grating walkway with toe board
  • Hot dip galvanized, powder coated or painted industrial enamel finishes
  • Mid-span walkarounds
  • End service platform
  • Mitered & beveled ends
  • And catwalk widths in one-foot increments from three feet to 14 feet.

Custom Fabrication

When the standard LeMar catwalks don’t fit the need, Brock’s experienced design team uses precision engineering and details to build quality products to fit the required spans and lengths.


Catwalk Support Towers

Catwalk support towers are available in 2-leg or 4-leg configurations with bolted or welded construction in (5’, 10’, 15’ and 20’) sections.

Two-Leg Towers are available in two styles:

  • A Heavy Square Tube Tower for 30’ of unbraced height from bin eave to catwalk and
  • A Wide Flange I-Beam Tower for 40’ of unbraced height from bin eave to catwalk.

For Brock grain storage bins the two-leg towers have adjustable bin sidewall brackets that allows the bin/foundation to settle and not damage the tower.

The Four-Leg Towers are available 4’ x 8’, 10’ and 12’ in any combination above 8’ in 2’ increments; square or rectangle.

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