• Patent pending Multi-Angle Top Vortex™ Screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality!
  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size.
  • Palatable, well-blended ration minimizes sorting by dairy cows, heifers, beef cattle, and other livestock!
  • Minimize feed waste – stretch your hay further!
  • Fast discharge with superior cleanout!
  • Reliable 4-point scale system accurately measures ingredients.
  • Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation.


All Trioliet mixer feeders have a very stable auger
construction, supported on the chassis. As a result
all forces on the mixing auger are directly absorbed
by the chassis.

This construction reduces the load on the mixing
chamber and the drive. The compact and sealed
planetary drive system ensures a constant,
controlled rotary movement of the cutting mixing
auger. The auger bearings include a maintenance
free conical roller bearing at the top and a sinter
sleeve bearing at the bottom. The optimum auger
shape of the Twin Stream auger guarantees a quick
and homogeneous mixing action at a low power
requirement (low diesel consumption). Just above
the bottom, at the lower end of the mixing chamber
wall, a special Trioliet wear-rim ensures stability
and a long service life.


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