Liquid Manure Spreaders

Combining lightness and strength, the tandem spreader remains an economical choice. Also appreciated for its effectiveness, it is manufactured with the same quality as the directional spreader.  The GEA Houle tandem axle is closed by a full length central tube, providing more resistance to twisting than the conventional open tandem axles. Its specific ”V” shape design lowers the reservoir, thereby reducing the height of the center of gravity for greater stability. The wheels are located closer to the reservoir reducing the flex on the axle. The mounting system of the adjustable tandem under the tank can move the wheels forward to decrease the load on the draw bar or back to increase the load.

Manure Pumps

On Agi-Pompe®, controls the vertical articulation and the rotation of the nozzle, as well as the direction of the propeller.

On Super Pumpcontrols the rotation of the nozzles, and the vertical articulation of the upper agitation nozzle.

Pumps for Lagoon

Undercarriage with flotation tires.
Heavy duty drive line with #55 PTO available on all models.
8” pump discharge, directional valve and loading pipe available for faster loading.
Wide range nozzle with double-hinge articulation.
25 foot aluminum loading pipe on tripod.
Solenoid valves available to operate 2 pump functions per each tractor hydraulic port.
Abrasion resistant steel housing and bottom plate available to pump manure containing sand.

It is important to remember that when dealing with farming equipment like this one, it's always important to have a supplier like the one at helping you find important manufacturing parts.

In compliance with EU environmental regulations, the Spanish Royal Decree 980/2017 therefore stipulates that fertilizer only be applied by certain spreader systems that allow farmers to meet limit values of nitrogen poured into the fields and to minimize the emission of ammonia and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Farmers are required to control the amounts of slurry applied.

To help crop producers comply with these requirements and apply manure and water efficiently and uniformly, the equipment manufacturer started equipping their liquid manure spreaders with process instrumentation.

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