Increase Milk Production with Big Ass Fans

Are hot temperatures putting a strain on your cows? Are milk production levels decreasing? Looking to increase your bottom line? It all starts with the cows. In warmer weather cows put all their energy into cooling themselves off, which results in decreased milk production and decreased revenue. What that means for dairy farmers is an unhappy herd of cows that can’t produce the necessary amounts of milk to keep the farm profitable. An air movement solution is needed to keep cows happy and cool. Big Ass Fans provides non-disruptive air movement solutions to keep cows comfortable and production levels from decreasing during hot months. Along with keeping cows and farmers cool and comfortable, running the fans can also help keep bedding dry, dissipate smells that often plague dairy barns and dispatch pesky flies.

A Full Product Line

Offering a diverse range of options, the Big Ass Fans product line fits dairy farms of all sizes. We have fans for barns, free stalls, holding areas, shops, you name it. Check out Powerfoil XAirGoYellow JacketPivotor Pivot 180 and see for yourself. Help keep your livelihood intact by keeping your cows comfortable and happy.