Xcalibur 90LX Parallel

The Parallel with no equal.

A bold new standard in parallel stalls, offering superior design, cow comfort and efficiency.

  • The Xcalibur 90LXTM incorporates all the dynamic new design and construction technologies so you can run an efficient, profitable operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Quality Construction that’s Easy to install because the Xcalibur 90LX has a bolt together design that means a quick, uncomplicated installation.
  • No Sequence Gate Posts facilitate easy loading for cows and unobstructed exiting from the stalls. The only posts in the ground are from the main support posts located every 4-6 cows.
  • Fast Exiting because the Xcalibur 90LX has a lift exit system vs. a tilt exit system. A cow has to walk only one cow length before lowering the exit system instead of one cow length plus the added distance of the tilt exit fronts. This means the parlor building can be up to 6 feet narrower than a tilt exit parlor and still allow the same amount of exiting space.

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